How insurance companies use search marketing

With so much competition from online aggregators, search engine results pages (SERPs) are a difficult terrain to conquer for companies that are ironically often featured on those very comparison sites.

However with a successful paid search campaign along with a strong focus on SEO techniques.But after a few trials it seems there is only one non-comparison site managing to appear in both paid and organic listings.
We'll start with some basic search terms for products that a user is likely to look for...

Alternative search terms

A glance in Google AdWords reveals alternative search terms and how hotly prized they are. ‘Car insurance quote’ and any derivation of ‘compare’ are obviously considered high competition and their CPC is reflected in the bidding price.
Even misspellings are going for a premium, check out ‘car insurence’.

There are 743 suggested key words here, and almost all of them are ‘high competition’. Obviously the insurance industry is incredibly competitive, much like all other financial sectors, especially in search marketing.
If you can use a strategic focus on SEO to your advantage, it is possible to make gains in the SERPs, but it’s a long game.

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