Digital trends personalisation still high priorities

For many organisations, the goal of turning customer experience (CX) into a competitive advantage means recreating themselves.But the inherent challenges aren’t enough to deter businesses from trying.

This is because it requires the whole organisation to be working towards the same goal.

It’s not easy to get hundreds or thousands of employees to realign their thinking, but it’s essential if the shift to the customer is genuine.But the inherent challenges aren’t enough to deter businesses from trying.The digital trends report shows that 44% of companies see customer service/experience as the primary way they will seek to differentiate themselves from the competition.In comparison, 28% said that product quality would be their greatest differentiator.

Over the next five years, what is the primary way your organisation will seek to differentiate itself from competitors?

The report investigates the ways in which companies can redefine their culture, which are broadly labelled as:

  • Fostering a cross-team approach.
  • Realignment through incentives.
  • Supporting experimentation and understanding failure.
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